1. Classes

Pilates classes are run in consecutive 15-week blocks. The class duration is 1 hour. Current class attendees have the first option to continue in the next 15-week block.

2. Payment

A block of 15 classes costs £210. Payment must be made in advance, preferably in full for the 15 weeks, or we will accept 2 payments of £105 for the block. The first payment is due by the first class of the block at the latest. Failure to make a payment by the start of the block may result in your place being given to the next person on the waiting list. You may pay by cash, cheque or credit/debit card. Cheques are to be made payable to ‘Southfields Physiotherapy Ltd’.

3. Missed classes, cancellations, no-shows and make-ups

We understand that you may have to miss a class. We would be grateful if you could advise reception that you will not be attending a class with as much notice as possible (a minimum of 24 hours is required to qualify for a make-up class). This makes it possible for us to facilitate the make-up process for everyone. No-shows in classes do not qualify for make-ups, and in addition, cancelled and missed classes do not qualify for a refund.

Make-Up class terms
  • 3.1 For make-up classes on Tuesdays to Saturdays, please call reception the day before your preferred make-up class to book, during reception hours of 08:00 to 20:00. You can still contact reception on the day if need be.
  • 3.2 Monday make-up classes can be arranged by contacting the Saturday reception team, 08:30 to 14:30. Or again, you can call on the day.
  • 3.3 Please do not leave telephone messages or email the clinic to arrange a make-up class. If you do, these will not be acknowledged or noted, unfortunately.
  • 3.4 To facilitate the make-up class process, we request that you cancel any class that you are not able to attend in advance, even if at short notice.
4. Special circumstances

Should you have any special circumstances, such as illness or injury, during your 15-week block, please inform not only your instructor but also, importantly, reception. We may be able to assist you during this period.

5. Refunds and credits

Missed classes are not refundable. Should a class be cancelled by Southfields Physiotherapy, you will be entitled to a credit, which can be offset against the next Pilates block, or an additional make-up class will be offered. In certain special circumstances, as agreed by the Clinic Director, refunds will be issued. You may cancel within a block by providing 14 days’ notice in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. Pilates assessments

New class participants are required to attend a Pilates Assessment with a Chartered Physiotherapist prior to joining a Pilates class at Southfields Physiotherapy. During this assessment a detailed medical history is taken and fundamental principles of Pilates are explained and taught practically. These assessments are considered an important component in the management of client safety

7. Late arrivals

To ensure we can provide the best service for all class participants we kindly ask that you arrive on time for your scheduled class. Late arrivals can be disruptive for the instructor and other class participants. We will unfortunately not allow participation if you arrive more than 5 minutes after your scheduled class.

8. Waiver forms

In certain exceptional circumstances (for example, participants who are physiotherapists or personal trainers), a Pilates assessment may not be required. In this case, a waiver form is to be completed, signed and returned to Southfields Physiotherapy before commencement of the first Pilates class.

9. Registration

Registration webforms will be emailed to all current participants 3 weeks prior to the start of the next 15-week block. You will only secure your place when the webform has been completed and emailed back to Southfields Physiotherapy. One reminder email will be sent to those who have not replied within the designated time. If there is no response upon receipt of this email, your place will be offered to the first person on the waiting list.


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